Heart sender V4.0 New update 2022

heartsender v4.0

Heart sender V4.0

Heartsender v4.0 is full of amazing features


  • New Advance features add
  •  Best Solution For Email Spamming
  • Custom Subject Added
  • You Can Sent SMS from SMTP
  • Multiple SMTP Allow
  • Auto Rotates SMTP
  • Sending based upon your leads
  • Office Box sending
  • AWS bounce control
  • Email to sms sending
  • AWS Access Key Control
  • Multiple Leads List
  • Bulk SMTP Checker
  • New Sending Method
  • Normal , Fast and Super Fast Sending Mode
  • Office 365 Encryptions
  • Multiple Letter Approach
  • Now You can use with VPN
  • multiple from email allowed
  • Customer Support


Heart Sender V3 Update 2022

Heart Sender Version 3 Update


  • Advance Interface Updated UI
  • Multiple Letter Functions Added
  • Letter will rotate
  • Every Letter has its own FromEmail, Subject, FromName and also attachment
  • Every Letter Allow multifrom Emails
  • If From Email Added in SMTP Section then letter from Email Automatically 
  • Disable and use form email that you put SMTP Section
  • If FromEmail is not added with SMTP then letter from email will be used
  • 6 New encryptions Added 
  • Advanced Automation
  • Increase Sending Speed
  • Perfect Email Tool
  • Advance HTML editor
  • Premium License 
  • Customer Support




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