HeartSender V5 Complete Video | HeartSender V5

HeartSender V5 Complete Video

HeartSender V5 Complete Video

HeartSender V5 Complete Video:

1-Dark and Light Theme
2- Multi Email List For every category
2- QR with multi size
3- Embedded Image
4- Html to image
5- Sending Speed improved with threads
6- zip Attachment
7- Improved and very easy to use GUI
8- Multiple proxies Allowed
9- Multi From Email with Letter
10-Multiple SMTP SUPPORT
11-Allowed SMTP and API
12-SPAM Words Detector
13-Allowed Multiple URL links Rotation
14-Multiple Threads Option
15-Reply Email Added
16- Multiple New inbox Letter Encryption added
17-SMTP TO SMS feature [ Optional ]
18- Customize Sender ID option

❤️New Features Addition ❤️

⭐- Email Hide Feature
⭐- Mail priority added
⭐-Show sending count logs
⭐-Html to image fixed
⭐- Email Tags working in Embedded Image letter
⭐- Office admin sending allowed
⭐- Tags working in from name, subject etc

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HeartSender V5 Complete Video HeartSender V5 Complete VideoHeartSender V5 Complete Video


Email To SMS [ Heartsender Email to SMS ]

Email to Sms Tool Help you to send SMS via SMTP. You Can easily & Bulk send SMS via SMTP.

This Tool is the best Solution For SMS Spamming.



– You Can Send SMS from SMTP
– Multiple SMTP Allow
– Auto Rotates SMTP
– SMS Sending Depend on SMTP Limit
– Only Sending on Valid Numbers
– Strong Number Checking APIS
– Phone Number Generators
– Generate Number According to Country
– Generate Your SMS Leads For Spamming
– HLR Look
– HLR Lookup Bulk in Update
– Verizon Number Checker
– Other Carrier Checker in Next Update